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Can You Get Prescription Glasses With Blue Light Filter?

can you get prescription glasses with blue light filter?

There’s no escaping blue light. It is part of the visible light spectrum and it emanates from both the sun and the digital screens we use on a daily basis. While blue light isn’t altogether bad – it can boost our cognitive abilities and make us feel happier – there are negative side effects too. 

You can reduce overexposure to blue light with glasses that contain blue filter lenses. Thankfully, these include prescription glasses, so if you are looking for a new pair AND you’re worried about blue light, then prescription glasses with a blue light filter will be right for you. 

Why Should I Be Worried About Blue Light?

As we suggested, you can’t escape blue light, as sunlight is the main source. Other sources of blue light are man-made and these are the devices that you will be using on a daily basis. These include the computers, phones, and tablets that you use at work or at home. 

While blue light isn’t completely bad, healthcare professionals, including ophthalmologists, are concerned about the possible long-time effects when overexposed to it. 

Research is still ongoing so we don’t know how damaging blue light realistically is. However, there are concerns that blue light could cause retinal eye damage as, unlike other colors on the visible light spectrum, blue light can pass right through to the retina at the back of the eye. 

There is also evidence to suggest that too much exposure to blue light at night time can cause disruption to the sleep-wake cycle. If you have ever struggled to sleep at night, it might be because of the screens you have used before hitting the pillow. This is why doctors recommend putting devices down a couple of hours before bedtime to ensure that sleep and rest aren’t compromised. 

It has also been suggested that blue light can cause eye fatigue. Symptoms of this can include dry and itchy eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and even a sore neck and back. 

Scientists need more time to research the long-term effects of blue light, but it’s clear from studies taken already that glasses with a blue light filter can be recommended to offset known side effects. 

Prescription Glasses With A Blue Light Filter

If you need a new pair of prescription glasses or if you want to update your existing pair, you have a number of options open to you. Some glasses come with an anti-reflective coating with a blue blocker and others contain a special pigment that can filter out blue light. Most types of lenses can be purchased with these blue light-filtering capabilities although it’s important to speak to your ophthalmologist if you want to find out which is right for you. 

If you’re interested in the types of glasses available, you can get in touch with us too. We have a wide range of glasses in stock, so if you’re looking for glasses that will make you look good and protect your vision, check out the selection that we have available.

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