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Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

Statistics show that sales of blue light filter glasses have soared during the pandemic, with many of us spending more time than ever staring at screens and using digital devices. If you’re thinking about buying blue lens glasses, or you already have a pair for using while you’re working, you may be wondering if it’s safe to wear them all day. The answer is yes, but in most cases, you don’t need to use blue light filter glasses throughout the day. 

Is it safe to wear blue light filter glasses all day?

Blue light filter glasses have become increasingly popular, particularly during the last 18 months when many workers have been spending more time on digital devices. Digital screens increase exposure to blue light, which can contribute to fatigue, eye strain and tiredness. Wearing blue lens glasses helps to protect the eyes. 

If you’re using blue lens glasses for the first time, or you’re thinking about buying a pair, it’s natural to wonder how often you need to wear them and whether it’s bad to wear glasses all the time. Using blue light filter glasses during prolonged periods, for example, while you work each day, won’t harm your eyes or put you at greater risk of developing problems with your eyes, but in most cases, it’s not necessary to wear glasses all day. 

Most people will benefit from wearing blue light filter glasses while they are working on computers or tablets or watching TV. If you get up to go for a walk and stretch your legs, you take time out from the screen to make phone calls, or you’ve logged off for the day, take your glasses off and try to rest your eyes. 

When to use blue light glasses

Blue light filter glasses are most beneficial when used indoors, and they are ideal for people who use digital devices for work, as well as gamers and those who enjoy watching TV or movies. If you’re sitting at a desk typing away or hosting virtual meetings, wear your glasses. If you take a break or you go outside, remove your glasses and put them back on when you resume work. 

It is important to note that there are no risks to eye health associated with wearing blue lens glasses for prolonged periods. You will not damage your eyes. 


If you have recently bought a pair of blue light filter glasses, or you’re thinking about investing, you may be wondering if it’s bad to wear them all the time. The answer is no. No harm will come to you if you wear your glasses for long periods, but you don’t need to wear them every minute of the day. If you take breaks from the screen or you go outside, it’s best to remove your glasses. Ideally, you should wear your glasses while staring at digital screens.

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