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Blue Optical stocks a range of different blue light glasses for your every need. From tinted glasses to daytime glasses – and options for people sitting at a desk all day – we’ve got you covered. You can explore our collection below:

Arrow Glasses For Gaming

The Look – Versatile, certain yet fluid in equal doses, Arrow is all about the all-day style

Blaire Daytime Glasses

The Look – Elegant, striking and dignified with Blaire you're sure to up your style game

Blaire SummerGlo

The Look – Elegant, striking and dignified with Blaire you're sure to up your style game

Brooklyn Daytime Glasses

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

Brooklyn SummerGlo

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

Cali Glasses For Gaming

The Look – Free-spirited, daring yet dependable, Cali is familiar infused with the unexpected

Clarke Nighttime Glasses

The Look – Urban, hip and happening. Clarke is artistic and unafraid

Echo Night Time Glasses

The Look – Elite, poised and velvety, Echo has an alluring sense of style

Galaxy Night Time Glasses

The Look – Eclectic, luxe and high energy. Galaxy is full of self-expression.

Hudson Night Time Glasses

The Look – Fearless and freethinking with a defining style, Hudson is full of identity

Lennon Daytime Glasses

The Look – Quirky, alternative and arty, stand out from the crowd.

Lennon SummerGlo

The Look – Quirky, alternative and arty, stand out from the crowd.

Mac Daytime Glasses

The Look – Striking, poised and alluring, Mac is a strong look for a powerful persona

Maverick Glasses For Gaming

The Look – Classic, vintage and never out of fashion, Aviators are a true statement.

Miki Glasses For Gaming

The Look – Angular yet subtle and uncomplicated Miki is stylish in its simplicity

Nick SummerGlo

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

What is Blue Light?

You’ve seen blue light spoken about a lot on our site and around the web, but what exactly is it? 

All around us, the world is full of electromagnetic energy. It is everywhere that we go, moving around and through us in waves. These waves will have different lengths – which is where we get terms like radio waves, microwaves, and UV waves. The majority of these waves can’t be seen, but we have a selection of them that form what is known as visible light waves. 

Here, these waves are measured in nanometers – 380 is the smallest, and 700 is the largest. Down at the smaller end of this scale, we have blue light. It lingers in the 380-500nm range, meaning it has a short wavelength. What does this mean? Well, it means that blue light emits a lot of energy. We actually see blue light all the time as the sun makes up a lot of it, though we increase our exposure to it by looking at screens. Smartphones, PC monitors, and TVs are all sources of artificial blue light. 

Why do we need to filter Blue Light?

Naturally, we expose our eyes to sunlight every day, so we’re already taking in some blue light. The problem is when we get artificial blue light from screens. There are several links between constant screen exposure and various health concerns, all of which are caused by blue light. 

Prevent AMD

Age-related macular degeneration is a condition that affects lots of people once they’re over the age of 50. It’s the number one cause of sight loss, and it stems from the macula (part of the back of your eye) getting damaged. You struggle to see things centrally but may retain your peripheral vision. It’s believed that exposure to blue light can speed up this process and increase your chances of early-onset AMD – though there aren’t enough studies to provide conclusive evidence just yet. With blue light glasses, you might be able to prevent this. 

Stop digital eye strain & headaches

Prolonged exposure to blue light-emitting screens will lead to digital eye strain. This is where your eyes feel sore and dry, and you find yourself squinting a lot. As a consequence of the added strain on your eyes, you also develop chronic headaches. Again, having glasses that block blue light could stop you from contracting digital eye strain and the other effects it brings. 

Improve your sleep

Lastly, filtering blue light is beneficial for your sleep. Research has shown that exposure to blue light before bed inhibits your production of melatonin – a key hormone that makes you feel sleepy. By cutting down on screen time or wearing blue light glasses at night, you could stop this from happening. 

How do Blue Light Glasses work?

A pair of blue light glasses will come with special lenses that are designed to filter blue light before it enters your eyes. Depending on how strong the filter is, they can remove up to 100% of the blue light emitted by screens. In theory, this means that your eyes aren’t exposed to blue light as much as they once were, providing some of the benefits listed above.

In this era, it is impossible to imagine life without gadgets such as computers, televisions, smart phones, and laptops. People

Blue light exists naturally in sunlight. However, it can also be produced by light bulbs, computer screens, TV screens, and

The adverse effects of sitting in front of computer screens, tablets, and smartphones have been well-documented. These devices are known

Blue light filter glasses are designed to reduce exposure to blue light to protect the eyes and lower the risk

Statistics show that sales of blue light filter glasses have soared during the pandemic, with many of us spending more

Cleaning blue light filter glasses is essential to enable you to see clearly and keep your glasses in pristine condition.

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