Best Daytime Glasses

Our range of daytime glasses are perfect to wear throughout the day and feature a variety of designs that’ll help you feel stylish while blocking blue light.

Blaire Daytime Glasses

The Look – Elegant, striking and dignified with Blaire you're sure to up your style game

Brooklyn Daytime Glasses

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

Lennon Daytime Glasses

The Look – Quirky, alternative and arty, stand out from the crowd.

Mac Daytime Glasses

The Look – Striking, poised and alluring, Mac is a strong look for a powerful persona

Tortoise Shell Daytime Glasses

The Look – Strong fashion statement and vintage-inspired design.

Wayfarer Daytime Glasses

The Look – Classic and timeless, Wayfarer oozes cool and style.

These daytime blue light glasses are designed to be worn all day every day. They feature excellent styles – including wayfare, circular, and mac – letting you choose a pair to suit your personal tastes. We recommend wearing these if you spend a lot of your day at a desk staring at a screen, as they give you more than enough protection from the blue light emitted by monitors. You can finish your workday without excessive eye strain, and do so in style! 

Our daytime glasses are made from the best materials to ensure their quality, and they are tested to block 100% of all blue and green light from 400nm to 500nm. 

The adverse effects of sitting in front of computer screens, tablets, and smartphones have been well-documented. These devices are known

Statistics show that sales of blue light filter glasses have soared during the pandemic, with many of us spending more

Cleaning blue light filter glasses is essential to enable you to see clearly and keep your glasses in pristine condition.

It’s difficult to escape blue light as not only does it emanate from the screens we use but also from

Are you worried about the blue light emanating from your phone or computer screen? Many people are, which is why

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