Best Nighttime Glasses

Enjoy our splendid range of nighttime glasses that are perfect to wear in the evenings. Choose your style and pop them on while watching TV to lower blue light exposure before bed.

Clarke Nighttime Glasses

The Look – Urban, hip and happening. Clarke is artistic and unafraid

Echo Night Time Glasses

The Look – Elite, poised and velvety, Echo has an alluring sense of style

Galaxy Night Time Glasses

The Look – Eclectic, luxe and high energy. Galaxy is full of self-expression.

Hudson Night Time Glasses

The Look – Fearless and freethinking with a defining style, Hudson is full of identity

Parker Night Time Glasses

The Look – Polished, sleek, yet retro. Parker has a deliberate sense of class to its edgy look

Smith Night Time Glasses

The Look – Strong, Powerful and intellectual. Smith is self-assured and confident

The range of blue blocker glasses are specially designed to be worn at night. With a variety of frame designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your unique style. Our blue light lenses are specially made to filter as much blue and green light as possible, leaving your eyes in the best possible condition.

We recommend wearing nighttime glasses in the evenings – particularly if you’re watching TV or staring at a screen. They help to restrict the blue light entering your eyes, managing your hormone levels and ensuring enough melatonin gets released for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Blue light filter glasses are designed to reduce exposure to blue light to protect the eyes and lower the risk

Cleaning blue light filter glasses is essential to enable you to see clearly and keep your glasses in pristine condition.

It’s difficult to escape blue light as not only does it emanate from the screens we use but also from

There’s no escaping blue light. It is part of the visible light spectrum and it emanates from both the sun

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