Best Tinted Glasses

At Blue Optical, we’re proud to launch our range of tinted blue blocker glasses. Each product is equipped with yellow-tinted lenses that provide a striking look while giving optimal protection from blue light.

Blaire SummerGlo

The Look – Elegant, striking and dignified with Blaire you're sure to up your style game

Brooklyn SummerGlo

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

Lennon SummerGlo

The Look – Quirky, alternative and arty, stand out from the crowd.

Nick SummerGlo

The Look – Ambitious, driven and cosmopolitan. Brooklyn brings new potential

Tortoise Shell SummerGlo

The Look – Strong fashion statement and vintage inspired design.

Wayfarer SummerGlo

The Look – Classic and timeless, Wayfarer oozes cool and style.

With our tinted glasses, you can get blue blocker lenses with an extra splash of colour. The yellow tint makes these glasses stand out more, and are perfect if you’re out and about. You can choose from a plethora of frame styles to find the design that suits you best.

One of the additional benefits of tinted glasses is that they are extremely helpful in low-light conditions. The yellow tint helps your eyes process colour better and can make the environment around you appear brighter. If you’re in a poorly lit room, these glasses are the perfect pair to put on and protect your eyes. Of course, you also get to enjoy the other blue-light-blocking benefits; reduced eye strain, fewer headaches and improved sleeping patterns.

The adverse effects of sitting in front of computer screens, tablets, and smartphones have been well-documented. These devices are known

Cleaning blue light filter glasses is essential to enable you to see clearly and keep your glasses in pristine condition.

It’s difficult to escape blue light as not only does it emanate from the screens we use but also from

Research suggests that there has been a sharp increase in sales of blue light filter glasses during the pandemic. With

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